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Lindsey Graham, surely not the only Republican with an assortment of burner phones, likely experienced a significant increase in the amount of Donald Trump memes his outdated phone couldn't quite receive after Trolling Trump himself revealed the senator's personal number to the entire free world.

The fact that no one should ever respond to anything Donald Troll ever does notwithstanding, Graham's prompt response is quite close to perfect. Pairing up with IJ Review, Graham decided to turn his sudden predicament into immediate virality. Burner phone filling up with texted nuisances? Follow Graham's advice and toss it in a blender with splash of Red Bull. "If all else fails," Graham says in the clip, "you can always give your number to The Donald."

For his closing number, maybe Donald "Troll Me Harder" Trump will stand at a podium as he's (sadly) done many times before to utter one simple phrase before vanishing into a mysterious cloud of toupées: "Got 'em."