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It may be uncuffing season for Kourtney and Scott, Ben and Jen 2.0, but it's cuffing season everywhere else and this guy’s tired of cliche engagement photos clogging up his newsfeed, so he staged an engagement photoshoot with a burrito, his own love.

David Sikorski, a San Francisco writer, didn’t choose any beaurrito, he chose a carne asada one from Taqueria La Cumbre. When asked what made him go out of his way to have the shoot Sikorski said, 

And that he did, taking his burrito-to-be to the Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park, and even the Full House house.

But the couple’s bliss was short lived as Sikorski found another beau even before the shoot was over.  “I got hungry during the shoot and a second burrito was needed to step in,” he said.

Here's the aww-worthy mouthwatering shoot below.


[via Buzzfeed]