Over the course of Entourage's illustrious run on TV, the American sitcom only featured 8.5 instances in which two women actually spoke to each other. That's what comedian Gil Ozeri (of Funny or Die fame) calculated when he binge-watched the entire series—all 8 seasons—in 54 hours last weekend. 

That's an insane undertaking, but even more insane is the fact that there were less than ten times on the show when a woman was not addressing a man when she spoke. Talk show host Chris Hardwick joked on his Comedy Central show, @midnight, that that's 8.5 times a woman was not just a prop on the set of Entourage

For more damning evidence, Hardwick took a look at the IMDB page for the show, and sifted through the names given to female characters. They include such rich and in-depth roles as "Gym Model," "Sushi Girl," and "Topless Yacht Girl" (which was uncredited, by the way). 

Watch the clip from @midnight above.