There will be blood, sure — but there will also be a great deal of person-to-person telephoning and equally person-to-person makeout sessions. MTV's Scream reboot series will actually exist much sooner than you might think — currently staring its June 30th premiere date firmly in the eyes — though a new trailer (above) provides the first glimpse of Ghostface 2K15 on the job. Ghostface's job, of course, is killing people while wearing a vaguely unsettling though ultimately quite wonky mask.

As this is neither a film or a censor-free HBO original, these murders will surely fit nicely in between commercial breaks and will not attempt to conjure any sort of sleep-preventing responses. Scream makes full use of its reboot status by employing a brand new host of soon-to-perish teens, including Disney Channel veteran Bella Thorne.

As previously reported, MTV's stab at the Scream franchise updates the usual tomfoolery by injecting it with a cyberbullying angle which resuscitates a town's memories of a previous killing spree. With any luck, the series will take a page from the 21 Jump Street meta handbook — thereby canceling out its own inadequacies by embracing and objectifying them with an intellectual spin. I mean — that's what MTV usually does, right?