Clint Eastwood's recently announced Captain Chesley 'Sully' Sullenberger film appears to have found its Sully by way of America's favorite global export — the good sir Tom Hanks. According to Deadline, Eastwood and Warner Bros. are currently deep in negotiations with Hanks for the biopic based on Sullenberger's book Highest Duty: My Search For What Really Matters.

Though playful speculation temporarily suggested otherwise, Eastwood will not be saving the Sully role for himself — instead keeping his eyes on the director's chair, a chair which recently bagged over $540 million for American Sniper (also a Warner Bros. film).

Of course, Hanks is the bankable choice for Eastwood and Warner Bros. Previous Hanksified moments in history — i.e. Apollo 13, Captain Phillips, Saving Mr. Banks, and the controversial documentary Toy Story — have all proven to be gigantic successes both critically and financially.