Latarian Milton first came into our lives in 2008, when his discovery that it's fun to do bad things went viral. Then 7 years old, Milton stole his grandmother's car and wrecked it in a joyride. When pressed about his behavior by WPBF he dropped the classic line, "I wanted to do hood rat stuff for my friend." Just two weeks later he made it to the headlines again when he hit his grandmother at a store because she wouldn't buy him chicken wings. Now little dude is back in the news, though he's not so little and he's not doing hood rat stuff anymore. 

Milton, 14, graduated from middle school this week, and WPBF couldn't resist the opportunity to interview the viral legend once again. He says he's left his shenanigans in the past and dreams of playing in the NFL. "It's going to be a good when I get into high school because I'll be able to play on the football team, have some good success there and go to college," Milton said in strikingly deeper voice. "Doing wrong is bad, but doing good, I can be successful."

We respect his maturity, but the original video will always live on in our hearts (and on YouTube).