The 1990 hit Kindergarten Cop, perhaps the first heartwarming and decently funny movie in the cop thriller genre, is making a comeback. Showbiz411 reports that Ivan Reitman's classic movie will be remade by Universal—unfortunately, this time, with less (read: no) Arnie.

The new movie comes from Universal's 1440 division, which is responsible for straight-to-video releases and remakes of old movies. They've made all the sequels that you never heard of, like Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power, Tremors 5: Bloodline, and Jarhead 3: The Siege.

Hopefully they can pull off a Kindergarten Cop remake—the plot involves a protagonist and his Indian sidekick (named Sanjit) on a quest to retrieve a secret thumbdrive (what, they don't use Dropbox in this sequel?). This, naturally, leads them to a kindergarten classroom. The main character is still unnamed, and neither of the leading roles have been filled yet, but we know Arnold Schwarzenegger won't be returning, which is a bummer.

The reboot could also spark a television series, which would be cool with the right cast and writers. As for the upcoming reboot, the script is written by David H. Steinberg, who wrote American Pie and American Pie 2. 

[via Showbiz411]