It's been almost four full years since Entourage literally sailed off into the clouds on two private jets, an apropos ending for a series known for wish fulfillment. That's enough time to make fans start yearning for a movie and lo and behold, the boys from Queens will finally get their big screen adventure later this week. Inevitably though, the impending film just serves as a reminder of how long it's been since you watched an Entourage episode, or worse, exposes those Philistines who have somehow missed out on eight seasons worth of bromance. If you fall in either camp and have your shit together, then you probably got on your marathon game early and have fully prepared yourself for Wednesday's return to Hollywood.

But, more likely, you totally wanted to finally watch the series or catch up on a few episodes, then forgot, and now release day is right around the corner. Don't worry, we've got you covered with a brief enough primer or reacquainting to have you ready for an opening day roll through with your own entourage. Or rather, Doug Ellin himself does. We hopped on the phone with the creator of the series, and the movie's writer/director, to get a marathon playlist straight from the source. Read on as Doug picks episodes from each season that stand out personally for him and together form a good enough understanding of the show so any newcomers won't be totally lost in the theater. If you're one of those rare human beings that doesn't actually have HBO, you still have no excuse. Head over to HBO Now for instant, standalone streaming access and get your life together. "I don't really go back very often and watch them because I've seen them so many times," Doug told us. "I went back, for the movie, and looked at the first two seasons because I really wanted to capture the tone of the early seasons." As in, the best years of the show. Get familiar, then get excited. 

As told to Frazier Tharpe.