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At this point, I've grown so accustomed to typing the word 'reboot' that I'm actually starting to look forward to it each day. Whenever I start any word that begins with the letter R, I can feel the dopamine doubling. Here to help us all maintain the drugless version of that weird high you had in the woods once are the Teletubbies, with a BBC reboot heading straight for our veins later this year.

According to Jane Horrocks (the voice of the "tubby phone"), the new series will have "a whole new feel to it," which is great because I was starting to have a very different emotional association with the Teletubbies after we all went a little overboard with the tweeting of that creepy black-and-white photo a couple weeks ago.

This new Teletubbies will reportedly be narrated by Daniel Rigby and also features the vocal work of BBC Radio 1 DJ Fearne Cotton, Antonia Thomas, and Oscar-winner Jim Broadbent. The same characters and hallucinogen-friendly aesthetic of the original Teletubbies run will remain firmly intact, with BBC proudly reminding the world that the series was watched "by around one billion children in more than 120 countries" — a startling statistic which cleverly omits the likely staggering number of adult viewers.