Besides wondering what kind of hallucinogens the creator of Teletubbies, one of the trippiest children’s shows to date—next to Yo Gabba Gabba!—was on, everyone has wondered about the mysterious sun baby that presided over Teletubbyland. Who was that baby?!

For a while everyone thought it was Jessica Smith from Laguna Beach, but it turns out it's another Jess Smith: A 19-year-old Brit. She just revealed her secret identity as the baby sun on the popular show. A well-kept family secret that she divulged to her college friends and then made public on Facebook saying:

"I used to hide it but after a lot of encouragement from my friends at university, I've gained the confidence to come out with it. I am the sun from Teletubbies. There has been quite a few people pretending to be 'the sun' but only I could tell you the real story."

Fingers crossed for True Life: I Was On the Teletubbies


[via Daily Mirror