If you were to rank the best 15 series of the last 15 years, Alias must land on that list. Some lost souls may challenge that, but over here at Complex, we're well aware. The world is getting ready to praise J.J. Abrams for coming through with the biggest blockbuster of the decade, which is cool and well deserved, but let's not forget where the man made his bones—on this super weird, quirky and ultimately extremely awesome spy show where magic and supernatural shit happened randomly too, starring Ben Affleck's wife back when she was Jennifer Garner, the badass femme fatale destined for super-stardom.

Any given episode of Alias might see black ops CIA agent Sydney Bristow in as many as three exotic locales or events or galas that called for extreme disguises. And even if the occasion didn't call for it, the show thrust one on Garner anyway. From the eye-grabbing red wig that populated the show's original promo push and onward, Sydney donned various disguises and accents so often it became one of the show's signatures, so much so that they re-purposed the theme song around it. And because we love Alias, we're bringing you a gallery comprised of Every. Single. Wig. If Syd did more than tie her hair up, or throw a bindi on, then it's in here. Fellow Alias fans, all 47 of you, rejoice at this pictorial nostalgia. And Alias Philistines—it's on Netlfix. Enough is enough, educate yourself with one of the best shows ever.