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According to a redditor, a woman smoked a cigarette on a flight and then tried to blame it on someone else. Someone was overheard calling her "gangster."

Of course, smoking on a plane has been an offense since 1988. So when flight attendants told her that she'd be arrested upon landing, the woman then pulled a rant straight out of the Jerri Blank disruption handbook—because she had something to say! The woman stood up to declare Hugo Chavez her hero for nationalizing Venezuelan oil, and that America has declared Venezuela to be a national security threat. The redditor mentioned that her full rant (which gets cut off in the video) included the specific accusation that "President Obama kills people on Tuesdays."

The flight was from Nicaragua to Miami. It's unknown if the woman is a resident of Florida. But typically, fines for smoking on a plane are levied out at $5,000. 

UPDATE: a video of her smoking, and trying to get rid of the evidence:

Annoying and uncomfortable? Yes. But, in the scheme of things, it beats motherfucking snakes being on the motherfucking plane.