As confirmed via a genius publicity stunt today, where Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson closed out Maison Valentino's Fall/Winter 2015 fashion show in Paris in fierce form as their iconic (as far as us Millenials™ are concerned, at least) supermodel characters Derek Zoolander and Hansel McDonald, Zoolander 2 is indeed on the way. Along with Will Ferrell, the three delivered the so-goofy-it's-awesome original film back in 2001, and cries for a sequel from devoted Blue Steel fans have rung out ever since.

Fourteen years, a sequel to Anchorman, and three whole Night at the Museum movies later, Stiller is finally ready to give the streets what they want. But Paramount's announcement—that the film is set to drop February 12, 2016—and today's stunt aren't as random as they may seem. Stiller and a few co-conspirators have been kicking around ideas for a Zoolander 2 for years now, and there are already a few details floating around. We have roughly a year to go, so here are a few morsels to tide you over until the next big development. This is everything there is to know about Zoolander 2...including if that will really be the title.