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Authorities in Arizona have arrested a suspect who killed one person and injured five others in a shooting today.

NBC News reports that the shooting took place just before 9 a.m. at Mesa, Ariz.'s Tri City Inn. Mesa Police Spokesman Esteban Flores told NBC News that an argument erupted at the hotel, leading to shots being fired. The shooting left one man dead, while two women were taken to the hospital after suffering gunshot wounds. 

What's more, NBC News says this was just the first of several similar incidents in the area: 

Not long after, gunfire erupted at a nearby restaurant called The Bistro, just outside the campus of East Valley Institute of Technology, Flores said. There, an EVIT student was shot, and ran to the first scene for help from paramedics. He is expected to survive.

At The Bistro, the gunman seized a gray Honda Accord driven by a teacher, and drove to an apartment complex less than two miles away on South Dobson Road, Flores said. The gunman forced his way into an apartment, where he shot a man. That victim is also expected to survive.

Then came reports of another shooting victim at an apartment complex about a quarter mile away. A man shot there remains in critical condition, Flores said.

Furthermore, Mesa Interim Police Chief John Meza told NBC News that a suspect was taken into custody around 1 p.m. this afternoon. 

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