Much like the zombies of The Walking Dead discussion of Daryl Dixon's sexuality refuses to die. Series creator Robert Kirkman seemingly deaded talks by saying Daryl is straight, but that hasn't stopped Norman Reedus from getting "what if?" questions.

Last night on Conan Reedus said he would "rock that story" if Daryl were a gay character. "I had a talk with Frank Darabont early, early on about 'would you do it?' And I'm like, 'Hell yeah, let's do it," Reedus said. He also revealed the difference between younger and older fans. Kids, being the wisest of human beings, have told Reedus they don't care about Daryl's orientation. Older guys were weirded out, though. 

Now that we do have a couple of gay characters on the show some people are already being assholes about it. They could learn something from Reedus' mentality.