Last week on The Walking Dead a new character joined up with Rick's group. His name was Aaron (Ross Marquand), and anyone who reads The Walking Dead comic books knows that his character was introduced in 2009. And that he's gay.

Here they are in The Walking Dead #68 in 2009:

Yes, there are homosexual survivors of the zombie apocalypse. And for some reason, a popular show that features exploding bodies, rape, and zombies gnawing on human organs and limbs, crossed a line for some people when Aaron passionately kissed Eric (Jordan Woods-Robinson).

Checking calendar: yep, it's 2015 but that still made a faction of knuckle-dragging cretins who watch the show want to puke. Again, people who watch a show with extreme violence are upset about two men kissing. Even when it's in the actual source material to boot! And no, don't bring up your kids' minds being warped by that happening on television, because your kids probably shouldn't be watching zombies eat human beings before going off to bed.

Of course there definitely were people who were excited—and surprised—too.

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