Ireland could basically be having their own version of The Purge right now, as Class A drugs will (probably) be (technically) legal for the next 24 hours or so.

The Independent are reporting that a Court of Appeal ruling has declared that the 1977 Misuse Of Drugs Act is now void, and therefore, drugs are totally ok. Apparently, additions to the bill made in 1997 were made without recourse to the Irish Parliament, which is unconstitutional, and now there are no laws against the previously banned substances.

Obviously, the government are going to rush through a new bill banning them all again, but the formalities of Irish law mean that it can’t come into effect until the day after it is signed. Which means they can’t sort out the mess until Thursday at midnight.

It’s only the 1977 legislation covering newer substances that is effective, so OG drugs like cannabis and heroin that were covered by older laws aren’t affected. And in case you were wondering, you can book a Ryanair flight to Dublin here.

Irish Health Minister Leo Varadkar released this statement




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