It is impossible to imagine the phone call that a 23-year-old Chicago father received while he was at work on Monday.

The man's daughter, Rosie—who was just nine-months old—had her throat slit by a rotational saw by a 52-year-old relative. Police say that the female relative did it because she couldn't get Rosie to stop crying. She then attempted to take her own life and was discovered by another relative in the house. The woman is stable and in custody.

After learning the devastating news, the father of the child was driven home by co-worker and longtime friend, Ben Llamas, who told the Chicago Tribune, "We just drove in silence. He was in shock," Llamas said“He shows us pictures of that baby every day.”

Llamas said that his friend and the mother of the man's child lived in the apartment together with her parents. The Tribune reports that the father's family does not yet know how their granddaughter died. That will be another horrific phone call to receive.