Jon Stewart, the theatrically bewildered host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central, will yield his anchor chair to Trevor Noah, a South African comedian who isn't particularly funny. Noah's obscure profile threw most Daily Show fans for a loop following Stewart's announcement of his successor yesterday. By day's end, several critics and websites had combed through @Trevornoah's old tweets and discovered a glut of occasionally "problematic" jokes at the expense of women, Jews, sex workers, and Kim Kardashian. 

While there's some disagreement as to just how mean-spirited and truly offensive Noah's tweets are, surely we can agree that Trevor Noah, future host of The Daily Show, tells shitty jokes with stale punchlines. Bernie Mac made a prolific career off of being mean-spirited and demographically disrespectful, because Bernie Mac was hilarious and now he's a saint. Tervor Noah is a sack of wheat flour. Just look at these tweets, which fucking suck.

Twitter + Sarcasm = Disaster

— Trevor Noah (@Trevornoah) October 1, 2014