Most valuable toy: Monster XL ($380)
Original price: $10-$50
Selling for now: $50-$380

The Sistine Chapel of Super Soakers, the Monster XL, and the original model, the Super Soaker 50, are the Soakers in the highest demand on eBay right now. Even so, the $380 price tag one particular Monster XL sold for recently is the exception to the rule. XLs, 50s, CPS 2000s, and Super Soaker 200s all tend to go for a maximum of $150. Less desirable models like the Splashzooka and the 100 tend to fetch around $50.

Selling Super Soakers second hand seems to be a game of supply and demand, as Soakers of a given model will vary in price month to month by up to $100. If you sell your Soaker at the right time, you could make a tidy profit.