Fun fact: Wesley Snipes was negotiating for the Lucious Lyon role on Empire before talks stalled and Terrence Howard was hired. Maybe that's a not-so-fun fact for Snipes, who's been having a difficult time mounting a comeback after spending two and a half years in prison for not paying his income taxes. Snipes is getting back into the game, though. Literally.

Snipes is set to star as a pit boss for an assassin game called "The Game" in Endgame. The action-drama pilot comes from the makers of Blacklist and it's planted at NBC.

Endgame takes place in the high stakes world of Las Vegas, where a former sniper-turned-security expert (Strike Back's Philip Winchester) is drawn into a mysterious conspiracy that forces him to complete a series of heroic challenges in order to save innocent lives.

Snipes will play Johnson, an unflappable guy with a dry sense of humor. Highly intelligent and analytical. Mysterious 
and unreadable. As pit boss for The Game, he keeps an eye on the big picture but is also capable of cleaning up a mess when things spiral too far out of control.

Sounds like Surviving the Game meets Saw. Potential to be badass: it would be high, but since it's NBC, we'll go middle. As long as Snipes is able to get out of the pit, kick ass, and clean up messes, this sounds worthy of checking out. We'll take Snipes where we can get him.

Perhaps his close encounter with a TV-hit informed Snipes that the TV and Film landscape is a whole lot different than it was before his legal troubles began in 2006. It's cool to be on TV in 2015. 

[via The Hollywood Reporter]