Tonight, NBC's latest event series, The Slap, begins its eight episode run. It features a group of astoundingly boring characters embodying Peak Caucasity who are thrown for a life-altering loop that snowballs after one fateful barbecue. The trigger? An unruly kid with laughably new-age parents who have an allergy to discipline gets slapped by a guy with pretty apparent anger issues.

It's meant to be provocative, or at least spark a new guilty pleasure hate-watch movement, but it's inspired by a very real issue in today's society: Kids who, shall we say, need a little "course correction." Now, while we'd never condone physical "discipline" against children, it got us thinking: Some of the best TV shows are filled with fantastically annoying kids. If we had to reserve Zachary Quinto's five-finger open-hander for another TV brat, who should it go to? Here are ten worthy candidates.