We didn't need a "groundbreaking scientific trial" from the United Kingdom's Channel 4 News to tell us that getting high, talking to doctors, and putting yourself in a confined, isolated space is a bad idea. But the news program went ahead and let reporter Jon Snow take a fat rip from a vaporizer before undergoing an MRI anyway. Because journalism. 

Predictably, the 67-year-old reporter had a bad time. 


Twenty minutes after smoking Snow said he felt "woolly." He added, "I feel slightly separated from myself," before things got more weird. 

Snow freaked out and had to stop the MRI within minutes of placing his lit self in the machine. "It did something," he said looking back on the horrific experience like a soldier home from war. "It robbed me of my persona, of my soul. I never ever want to be subjected to that again. Never."

Dude blamed it on the "horrific filth" he smoked, but really he should have picked a better high activity. If you French fry when you're supposed to pizza, you're going to have a bad time

[via Gawker​]