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Marion Cotillard, currently nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for the recession-depression drama Two Days, One Night, is preparing to dip back into the blockbuster pool. Like her initial foray into those waters with Christopher Nolan (for Inception and The Dark Knight Rises), Cotillard is going back to work with a familiar director. The Oscar-winning actress is joining both her MacBeth director Justin Kurzel and MacBeth co-star Michael Fassbender in the long-gestating movie adaptation of the video game Assassin's Creed

It is unknown who Cotillard will be playing in the film (despite having a female assassin option for the first few games, female characters were recently cut from the video game). But Assassin's Creed will follow a former felon/barkeep (Fassbender) who is kidnapped by a company to relive the mind of his ancestor as the company attempts to recover a sacred artifact that his ancestor was known to have. The ancestor in question was an assassin during the Crusades of the late Middle Ages.

Assassin's Creed is slated for a December 2016 release date, so shooting will be underway soon. Deadline reports that both Cotillard and Fassbender are signed up for multiple films.

Fassbender is MacBeth to Cotillard's Lady MacBeth in Kurzel's Shakespeare adaptation, that's completed and due for release, later in 2015. Kurzel arrived on Hollywood's radar after 2011's Australian crime spree shocker, The Snowtown Murders. Fassbender is currently being Sexy Steve Jobs in the Steve Jobs-biopic, and is expected to become an Assassin's Creed action figure for his first post-Jobs job.

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