The first family of reality TV, the Kardashians, will soon return to your screens for the tenth season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians—which promises more scripted kraziness. Don’t believe us? A KUWTK script details a spat between momager Kris Jenner and Kim K over kitchenware, resulting in Kris throwing a rock and breaking a window. Those Kardashians sure are crazy. 

TMZ learned from a production source about these outlined scenes for next season. The storyline is that Kim takes some cookware and silverware from Kris’ house bringing it back to her and hubby Kanye West’s new house. A pissed off Jenner has no choice but to go right up to Kim’s and reportedly scream (in her face), "I gave you life and you stole my cookware!" An unimpressed Kim threatens to have Kris removed off the property before slamming the door on her, setting off Kris into her rock throwing rage. She throws a rock at an upstairs window, breaking it, screaming, “You won't get rid of me this easily."

The script then says that’s baby North’s cue to cry. End scene. 

It's no wonder riveting drama like this has helped the series secure plenty of more seasons.


[via TMZ]