Empire may be TV’s hottest new show, but that won’t stop Diddy from banning his son from appearing on the Lee Daniels series.  

Page Six reports Diddy’s son, Quincy, 23, was set to appear on the show, until Diddy got wind of the contract his son would have to sign where he gave Fox his music rights. Diddy reportedly then talked to the top execs at 20th Century Fox TV to make them change the music rights stipulation, but they wouldn't budge. Big mistake. So he banned Quincy from going on the show. 

Maybe Fox will change its tune for season two after Daniels does some finessing since according to a source, “Lee’s super excited about having Quincy on the show.” It's clear Quincy's excited about Empire, too, seeing this post on the gram.


Just arrived to the @empirefox premiere! 🎶 Catch it on FOX tomorrow!

A photo posted by Quincy (@quincy) on

If Quincy signs on for season two he might be in good company with the likes of T.I. and Ashton Kutcher, who are reportedly trying to sign on the show.


[via NY Post]