Christy Carlson Romano (of Disney's Even Stevens—y'know the show that started the Shia LaBeouf experiment) thought that 50 Shades of Grey was misogynistic tripe that removed the ability to consent from Anastasia. So she thought America (and let's get real, the world, this thing has made more than $400 million globally) would come to its senses and dismiss Christian Grey and his contractual obligations for being pleasured.

Romano made a bet with her husband that the movie would no longer be tops at the box office. Her husband wagered that it would, and whoever was wrong would have to stand in their underwear or lingerie for one minute on their apartment balcony.

Romano was blinded by a cause, however. What did she think was going to knock of the sex juggernaut? The only substantial new release was— the arguably more misogynistic—Hot Tub Time Machine 2. That sequel never even turned on the jets, and came in at number 7. The biggest holdover was Kingsman: The Secret Service—which was already being taken to task by "bloody feminists" for rewarding anal sex to a teenage hero. At the theaters, Fifty Shades of Grey is surrounded by shades of misogyny (and SpongeBob). And although the film dropped in attendance by 73%, it still came on top.

So Ren Stevens made good on her bet by agreeing to be an object on a cold balcony with a #consent sign. Who wins?

Video of me on my ICE COLD balcony in LINGERIE! Lost bet to @brendanrooney. #CONSENT #50Shades

— ChristyCarlsonRomano (@ChristyRomano) February 21, 2015