Last season on Broad City, Trey (played by Paul W. Downs) was just a jerky gym trainer who spoke only in aphorisms and showered Abbi (Abbi Jacobson) in dirty towels. But as the second season has progressed, we've seen that he's more than that. He's the kind of guy who serves "Clif bars for the guys and Luna bars for the girls" at his house parties, actually cherishes his friendship with Abbi, and has a wildly entrepreneurial spirit. I mean, have you seen

The guy is out here bestowing all of us with the knowledge we need to become pumped-up, fiber-guzzling machines like him. On this latest episode—which we're hooking you up with exclusively—the topic is shoulder presses. Well, until Gemma (Darcy Carden) gets in the way. 

She's just "so strong," as Trey notes. And the heat between their workout gear is too intense to deny.

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