While Marvel continues to dominate the big screen and make advances on the small, DC is still trying to catch up. But with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on the horizon and a number of (pretty good!) shows on the air, the big M could soon have some competition. DC's Batman-without-Batman prequel, Gotham, is set for its season finale tonight on FOX. And with the recent introduction of a kid Joker named Jerome, the show has truly gone in a strange (and sort of awesome) direction as of late. But how does the TV show fit into the larger DC Universe? Is Gotham considered "canon" or just its own weird thing? Was the Joker named Julian in The Dark Knight?

Last month, Complex took a look at the Marvel Universe—a complicated, convoluted, and confusing place itself—and attempted to set the record straight for newcomers. And now, with a similar goal in mind, we've decided to take on Marvel's biggest competition. Below find out how Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern's various comic book histories intersect, and what's in store for DC own cinematic universe. On the eve of Gotham's season finale, this is a beginner's guide to the DC Universe.

Nathan Reese is a contributing writer at Complex. He tweets here.