When you’ve got something that makes you entirely unique, you’ve got to capitalize. Especially when that “something” is having two pensises.

The anonymous “Double D**k Dude” who set the Internet ablaze last year with his 17,000-plus comment Reddit AMA is back, and he has now written a memoir that discusses the challenges and occasional comedy that comes with being a man with two dicks.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, DDD said that he wrote the book because he feels that he can help others. “I’ve been able to help people who felt alone or lost,” he said. “I’ve gotten so many messages from people who need encouragement for one thing or another.”

It seems that sales are actually going quite well at the moment:

My editor reports that my book http://t.co/OcGRhS1yqC has sold in every territory @Amazon represents except Mexico! #WOW

— Double Dick Dude (@DiphallicDude) January 3, 2015

Also, my book http://t.co/OcGRhS1yqC is now ranked in the top 1,000 (#653) paid books on Kindle! (Apparently that's big too!)

— Double Dick Dude (@DiphallicDude) January 3, 2015

So good on you, DDD. Keep fighting the good two-dicked fight.

[via news.com.au]