Winter Storm Juno, a.k.a. the Snowpocalypse that wasn’t (for NYC, at least) caused school closures all over the northeast. This including the Moses Brown School in Providence, Rhode Island, where snow accumulation reached two feet. But instead of sending a boring school closing announcement one principal took it upon himself to sing, and perform, the announcement by putting a twist on that one Frozen song we can't let go.

Principal Matt Glendinning, seen undergoing several outfit changes in the video, reportedly planned the announcement, alongside Adam Olenn, another school official who masterminded the video, once they saw weather reports for the blizzard. 

Olenn said, “I’ve seen a couple of funny principal snow day closings and I thought we could really crush that.” Which they did with Glendinning's stellar lip syncing and state-of-the-art green screen use. See, the singing voice actually belongs to Justin Peter, the school’s choral director. 

It’s clear that the group put in the effort to make this special, and now that they’ve gone viral, the attention doesn’t seem like it bothers them anyway. 


[via The Artery]