Martin Scorsese's HBO documentary on Bill Clinton was announced more than two years ago, but now we're thinking we'll never get to see it. The project with the former president  has been shelved indefinitely, The New York Times reports. 

The issue is control ahead of Hillary Clinton's possible inevitable presidential run. Scorsese is reportedly unwilling to allow Bill to filter the questions in their interview, a stance any good interviewer should have. Bill also wants input on the film's final edit to avoid anything that might hurt his wife's campaign. 

An HBO rep remained optimistic, tell The Times, "It's not happening soon but that doesn't mean it's not going to happen."

We're more skeptical given the history of Clinton projects. A CNN documentary on Hillary was scrapped in 2013 because of pushback from both Clinton aides and the GOP, and NBC bailed on a mini-series in which Diane Lane would have portrayed her. 

Look out for a Nevuary release date. 

[via Rolling Stone]