Criminals wear the darndest things. Some recent face palm fashion flubs include one guy getting busted for a homemade meth lab while wearing a Breaking Bad shirt, while another guy got a new mugshot taken, wearing a t-shirt with his old mugshot on it. This time a Florida man was arrested for drugs while sporting an inconspicuous “I have Drugs” shirt. 

50-year-old John Balmer was arrested in a Kmart after police found marijuana and meth on him. According to the arrest report Balmer saw the officers and tried to get rid of the drugs by handing it to the person standing behind him in line. But of course that failed so he then went to pay for his items and put the bag of drugs on the floor. It was then that officers approached him and store workers told them about the bag. 

Might we suggest a "Somebody that loves me went to Florida and all I got was this shirt" next time? 


[via The Concourse]