Apparently ISIS doesn't have an IQ test as part of its admission standards. A New Zealand man believed to have joined ISIS accidentally revealed his location by geotagging 45 of his tweets

Abu Abdul-Rahman, aka Mark Taylor, left his home country to join ISIS in 2012. Shortly after joining the terrorist group he tweeted a photo of his burnt passport, a decision he must have come to regret. Abdul-Rahman has reportedly been trying to get a new passport from the New Zealand government, but for some reason he hasn't heard back. 

Showing his first sign of intelligence, Abdul-Rahman deleted his tweets after he learned they were geotagged. But he didn't act fast enough to prevent an open-source intelligence group called iBrado from pinpointing his exact location to a house in al-Taqbah, Syria. 

His account has now been suspended by Twitter. Perhaps it should have been kept active in hopes Abdul-Rahman made another social media fail. 

[via Time]