Wit is a necessary skill for any politician to have in his or her arsenal. It's even more important when politicians have their eyes set on the biggest seat of them all: the presidency.

Being able to deliver a quick comeback to a political rival can work wonders, in private and on the national stage. It could leave them paralyzed right where they stand, in front of millions of Americans. A good diss could even tip an election in a new direction.

Even when you've won the presidency, you still won't be able to let your guard down. Take President Barack Obama: after Republicans sarcastically applauded him during this week's State of the Union address when he mentioned that he had no more campaigns to run, he dropped his now legendary burn in front of an audience watching on televisions and the Internet all around the country. Humor is the best weapon.

Here are the best burns given by presidents, presidential-candidates, and their running mates.

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