If there has ever been a reason for MTV to revive Celebrity Death Match, this is it.

10 years ago this week, Clint Eastwood delivered a menacing promise to filmmaker Michael Moore: show up on my doorstep with a camera, and I will straight up murder your ass.

Amid bad blood between the two stemming from Moore’s comments on Eastwood’s American Sniper, Moore relayed the following story on his Facebook page:


It’s become pretty clear that Eastwood is basically a slightly different version of the “get off my lawn” guy he plays in Gran Torino. Obviously, we need to just get out of the way, put the laws of the United States to the side, and let these two fight to the death.

While Moore’s got the size and age advantage (he’s 60, Eastwood is 84), the smart money would still have to be on Dirty Harry, right?


[via Daily Mail]