UPDATE: Rogen took to Twitter late Thursday night to clarify his comments after he faced an onslaught of criticism for his American Sniper/Nazi propaganda remarks:

While this will probably be enough for most of us to let it go, it probably won't be enough to satisfy Kid Rock.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: On the same day the Clint Eastwood-directed American Sniper set a record for the largest January opening of all time, documentary filmmaker Michael Moore took to Twitter to say that real-life snipers are "cowards."

Alluding to the film and its basis on a real-life Navy Seal who took part in the U.S. invasion of Iraq during the Iraq war, Moore tweeted: 

Of course it is no secret at all that Moore feels some kind of way about the Iraq War. He delivered one of the most explosive Oscar acceptance speeches ever when his film Bowling For Columbine won in 2003, calling George W. Bush a "fictitious president" who went to war for "fictitious" reasons. And later he directed Farenheit 911, which was a gigantic F.U. to the Bush administration, the war and the media's portrayal of the war on terror. 

American Sniper is based on the life of Chris Kyle (portrayed by Bradley Cooper), a real-life Navy Seal who racked up 160 confirmed kills during his service.

UPDATE: Following yesterday’s comments Moore wrote a lengthy Facebook post regarding his comments and even complimented American Sniper

He reiterated the fact that his uncle, who was in the army, was killed by a Japanese sniper in WWII. Moore’s dad had said: "'Snipers are cowards. They don't believe in a fair fight...Only a coward will shoot someone who can't shoot back."

As for the film, Moore had this to say:

"Awesome performance from Bradley Cooper. One of the best of the year. Great editing. Costumes, hair, makeup superb!"

But before it got too positive, Moore added:

"Oh... and too bad Clint gets Vietnam and Iraq confused in his storytelling. And that he has his characters calling Iraqis 'savages' throughout the film. I think most Americans don't think snipers are heroes. Hopefully not on this weekend when we remember that man in Memphis, Tennessee, who was killed by a sniper's bullet."

Adding fuel to the fire, Seth Rogen, who's just gotten out of the political hot seat, tweeted

That fictional movie was Nazi propaganda starring a German sniper killing enemies. Rogen later clarified his observation saying:


[Via The Hollywood Reporter]