If you want to get your hands on the controversial new issue of Charlie Hebdo—the first since the deadly attack on their Paris office last week—you’ll need to pony up a lot of cash to make it happen.

The first issue hit newsstands in Paris and across the globe this morning, and is sold out virtually everywhere despite the fact that about one million copies were printed rather than the usual 60,000. Most places were sold out within minutes of opening, and a quick scan of eBay shows that a copy will run you at least $200.

As they have done before, the magazine elected to put a cartoon depiction of the prophet Muhammad on the cover, something strictly forbidden in Islam that is highly offensive to Muslims. The issue also features illustrations by five of the cartoonists killed in the assault, and it’s expected that five million copies will ultimately be circulated.

You can check out the full issue here:

Charlie Hebdo #1178 January 14, 2015


[via Deadline]