Remember that super weird Not Another Teen Movie spinoff that Alison Brie and Jennifer Lawrence made back in 2006? They probably wish you didn’t.

Brie was on The Late Late Show last night with special host Whitney Cummings, and Cummings was deeply fascinated with this spectacularly bad pilot. Brie informed the world that the failed show actually screwed over its stars doubly; not only did it never get picked up, but while it sat in limbo the actors signed to legit contracts were not allowed to work on anything else.

Brie and Lawrence went on to become big stars and can now go on late night TV and crack jokes about this silly little mishap almost a decade ago. Meanwhile, the people who actually starred in the show probably watched this interview from their tiny one bedroom apartment (that they share with a roommate, obviously) as tears streamed down their face.

[via UPROXX]