Remember Not Another Teen Movie? It came out in 2001, was a surprise hit, and since then has enjoyed a long and fruitful run on cable television.

But did you also know that they tried to make a TV spinoff called Not Another High School Show? Probably not, because the pilot was such an abysmal failure that the show did not get beyond one episode. For a show on Comedy Central, it simply wasn’t funny.

But that wasn’t the end of the road for some of its stars. Here, we see Community and Mad Men staple Alison Brie flexing her skills as Muffy the Vampire Slayer, wearing leopard print and telling bad vagina jokes like it’s all second nature. She even tries out a British accent, because why not?

And wait, who’s that getting hit on by H. Jon Benjamin (i.e., the voice of Archer)? None other than a young Jennifer Lawrence. She’s now an Oscar winner.

TV, clearly, can be a weird place.

[via Gawker]