When it comes to contemporary computing, the biggest question still remains: What type of device to get? A convenient tabletop? A portable laptop? A lightweight tablet?

But why choose if you don’t have to? Why not get all three?

The new Toshiba is just that: an ultra-thin, ultra-versatile, multi-mode machine that consolidates the best aspects of each type of device into a single one. With five different usage modes—laptop, tablet, tabletop, presentation and audience—the Satellite Radius™ offers the versatility you need for virtually any environment you’re in.

Its flip-and-fold convertible design allows the screen to rotate 360 degrees, which then allows you to share it for presentations, lay it flat for collaborative work, or turn it back in your direction whenever you want to catch up on your latest flicks and shows. You can also weave seamlessly between each mode without any help from outside apps or additional software. Not to mention the fact that the screen has a full HD (1920x1080) display that spans nearly 16” in diameter. All this, in addition to a fourth generation Intel® Core™ processor, Harman Kardon® stereo speakers with DTS Sound™, and some serious battery life make the Satellite Radius™ the only device you’ll need moving forward.

For more on what makes the Toshiba Satellite Radius™ the most versatile computer of its kind—and to order your own—be sure to visit here.