This month is one of the busiest times of the year. Amidst the madness of traveling and holiday shopping, we can lose sight of the things we find important to us. But this December, Complex and Sailor Jerry are taking the opportunity to recognize a very important day—one that honors those who have (literally) served us so nobly.

We’re talking, of course, about our brave men and women…behind the bar.

On Dec. 8, we invite you to honor the favorite bartender(s) in your life as part of Bartender Appreciation Day. As any good patron knows, bartending is a true skill, and it’s our duty to honor those who handle it so deftly—the men and women who not only take pride in the drinks they serve, but who are also philosophers and confidants to all of their regulars.

As part of the celebration, Complex and Sailor Jerry will be hosting a finale event for the “Pins & Pinups” competition in San Diego on Dec. 8. In case you don’t know, “Pins & Pinups” is the greatest bowling competition the world has witnessed since Kingpin came out. For the past few months, “P & P” has hosted a number of events in bowling alleys all across the country, where our nation’s best bartenders have squared off against each other to strike into each other’s hearts with their pin-hitting prowess. When the finalists face off tonight, we’ll finally settle the question of which barkeeps are just as adept at handling a bowling ball as a cocktail shaker.

This December, don’t let your favorite barkeep continue to toil in obscurity. Recognize him or her for the greatness he or she possesses, and let them know you care. Happy Bartender Appreciation Day to one and all!