Maybe it was her maturity. Maybe it was her self-confidence. Or maybe it was the fact that she already had a sex tape leaked. Whatever the reason, Kim Kardashian had a pretty chilled out response to her nude photos leaking earlier this year during The Fappening.

Talking with Elle UK for their January, 2015 issue, Kim said that she wasn’t going to “let [the leak] shake me up.” Furthermore, she added that “I felt violated because these are private pictures. But, I'm also realistic, I'm on covers of magazines practically naked, so I can't go crazy about it.”

It’s a pretty calm, rational response to the whole thing, although Kim is undoubtedly in a unique position. After all, no other celebrity victimized by this gross invasion of privacy went on the cover of a magazine balancing champagne glasses on their butt and posing fully nude.


[via E!]

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