2014 was a big year for Kim Dickens, who emerged as one of the best parts of Gone Girl after earlier success on shows such as Treme and Deadwood. And now, she’s wrapping up the year with perhaps her biggest score yet.

Dickens has been chosen to play the lead role on the new Walking Dead spinoff Cobalt, which will take place in the same universe as its origin series but will likely be set on the other side of the country. Dickens will be playing a guidance counselor who is in a relationship with Cliff Curtis (Live Free or Die Hard, 10,000 BC), who will be playing the male lead.

The post-Gone Girl months have already been huge for the actress; Dickens has locked down a spot in Season 3 of House of Cards in addition to her new series, and one can’t help but assume more big roles are in her future.


[via EW]