If the name Cliff Curtis doesn't ring a bell, you were probably like "ohhh, that guy" the second you saw his face. 

The New Zealand-born Curtis, who has quietly built a career as one of the finest character actors around, will finally get top billing as the male lead in the the upcoming The Walking Dead spinoff series Cobalt. So far, it's just a pilot, but we're talking about a "companion series" a show that had more than 14 million viewers last week, so it's hard to imagine AMC won't be ordering Cobalt for at least one season. 

Curtis has appeared on TV in the now-defunct Gang Related, and in films such as Training Day, Blow and The Last Airbender​. The dude is crazy versatile - he has played basically every non-white ethnicity (see video below).

Cobalt will take place during the same zombie apocalypse as The Walking Dead, but will be set in a completely different location. TVLine released a character list for the new series back in September. 

[Via The Wrap]