It’s OK, you can own up to it—you’ve been planning on buying all of your closest family members and friends a bunch of Netflix gift cards this Christmas. Hey, no judgments here. There’s nothing wrong with saving a few bucks, and shopping for loved ones creatively can be mentally exhausting. Not to mention, who doesn’t enjoy watching movies and TV shows? Whilst streaming on their laptops and couch-accessible, at that?

This time of the year, gift cards are like Budweiser for drinkers and Ramen noodles for the cooking-challenged: quick, easy, and they get the job done. What you aren’t taking into account, however, is what those loved ones will think when they see you walking into the holiday party holding a bunch of small envelopes, sans any gift-wrapped packages. Under their breath, they’ll say words like “cheapskate” and “come on, fam”—fortunately, we’re here to help you avoid that fate.

Although these options will hurt your bank account a little more than those Netflix gift cards, these 15 DVD/Blu-ray Releases We Want This Holiday Season will show your relatives and best pals that you’re, A) someone who puts thought into their generosity, B) hip to the game when it comes to the latest in must-have home video products, and, C) not bargain-bin cheap.