For far too long, Monique Anderson has been regarded as just an anonymous YouTube user. But now, she has revealed herself as one of this generation’s most unique thinkers, a mind that borrows the ethos of Steve Jobs and truly “thinks different.”

Monique has taken to YouTube to share her opinion on penis size, and she wants the world to know: big ones are very overrated. She finds that a big dick “weakens me as a woman” and that well-endowed men “like to put people in pretzels and then go nuts.”


Furthermore, she says, there’s a significant risk of the classic post-coital “dick in my back” injury as well as a distinct possibility that vomiting could occur. Indeed, Monique is #TeamLittleDick through and through, in no small part because it affords her the opportunity to “do Pilates on little dick men.”

Does Monique really speak for the entire female population? Could it be that men have had it wrong all those years, and those ads for Enzyte were for naught? Are a bunch of guys running out and selling their Corvettes right now?

[via Gawker]