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What do you get for the 17-month-old that has it all? If you’re Kim Kardashian shopping for baby North, the answer is obvious: a private island.

Kim has apparently launched herself into a new financial stratosphere (thanks, freemium app!), and is now shopping around Australia for her own island. One specific location—Turtle Island, off the coast of Queensland—seems to have struck her fancy, and is relatively modest in price ($5,000,000 Australian, which is a paltry $4,361,250 USD).

According to the Daily Mail, Kim would like to turn some of the 23-plus acres on the island into a theme park for North, complete with ferris wheel and water slide. No word yet on the funnel cake situation.

The Kardashians are no stranger to the theme park scene, creating “Kidchella” over the summer in honor of North’s first birthday. While a private island (which they may be naming “Isle Kardashian”) would be a bit over the top, it’s really the next logical step.


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