There have been action movies where the protagonist goes after the bad guys who've taken everything from him, but John Wick may be the only that means that literally. After he loses his family, a group of gangsters kill ex-hit man John Wick's (played by a peak Keanu Reeves) adorable Beagle named Daisy—who was a gift from his dying wife. THAT. IS. FUCKED. UP.

You can imagine what kind of Liam Neeson-esque vengeance John Wick unleashes from there. But instead of telling you about it, we want to show you. Above you'll see a clip of John getting a visit from an old "friend" (Adrianne Palicki) who just so happens to want him dead (the amount of home invasions in this movie is creepy considering Reeves' recent IRL brushes with them). And below, you can really dive into the world of John Wick with an interactive trailer. Click through it to learn more—and just admire the magnificence of Keanu Reeves in general.

John Wick is out in theaters everywhere on Oct. 24. R.I.P. Daisy.