Keanu Reeves has a new film coming out, the action thriller John Wickand judging by the trailers it just might be amazing. Because it's 2014 and he's promoting a movie, it means it's time for another rousing reddit AMA. Keanu—zen master, bomb expert, savior of humankind—did not disappoint. Here are the 10 best moments of Keanu awesomeness.

Bill and Ted 3. Don't lose hope, guys. If they sequeled Dumb & Dumber, this isn't so much of a long shot.

He's working on it! Stay tuned! But, keep in mind that...

At least one of life's great mysteries was finally put to rest today, Matrix trilogy allegories notwithstanding.

Is this lightweight shade at NBC's decidedly non-Keanu Constantine series (which starts later this month)?

YES. Come to Marvel, Keanu. All the cool kids are doing it.

Deep question, deep reply, wow. *hits blunt*

Fam sounds genuinely morose about this. Chill, bruh. And remember: there is no spoon.

He loves all animals equally, stop pressuring him dammit!

Now that, is some A1 film promotion. Which, in case you forgot, is the reason we're all here, so kudos.

And the winner is...^^^^. "It. Has. To. Be. Cold."

Bonus, very straightforward question and reply:

He really does seem like a great guy, right?